Some revising

The next step, after you have finished your draft, is revising. (Very nice first sentence.)

My blog post from last week, seems more like a draft. That is what I realize after a week of trying my Action-Plan. The ‘kamikaze’ analogy wasn’t far from the mark. I want to change too many patterns at once and that won’t help my cause. (Discouragement is one of the feelings that have been popping up frequently the past seven days.)
So, I think it’s best for me to revise my draft-plan.

Copy from last week with notes:

  • Regular sleeping pattern and healthy food. (This will be the main focus, since those habits are essential for healthy living.)
  • Anxiety-exercises (monitoring anxiety responses before, during and after an exercise) (I did do an exercise, but didn’t note everything down like I used to. My folder with notes is not available for me at the moment, since I forgot it with my counselor.)
  • Physical exercise (XBX: advised by someone, and some yoga) (I was a little bit too enthusiastic about XBX, need to slow that down or I won’t make it. I had a whole pity-party on Monday because I felt sore. Yoga is off the plan at this time.)
  • Writing exercises (or perhaps some art) to gain access to blocked feelings and mental issues. (I did journal in my notebook, but other than that I’m a little bit stuck, so I’ve started reading a little e-book called Wrestling a Tornado: Overcoming Writing Challenges. We’ll see how that works.)

That’s it for this moment. Short but sweet, right?

See you next week!

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2 Responses to Some revising

  1. kerro says:

    Mmmmm.. nice to hear from you again.
    One way or another….. you will always have a special place in my mind 🙂

    Nice to read you have an action plan..
    I wish you success..
    Didn’t know you had ambitions to join the airforce 🙂 (XBX you know)

    take friend

  2. kerro says:

    How is the action plan going…. ?

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