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February 2014

This month was also challenging.

Fourth lesson of Lifebook 2014 with Kelly Hoernig: Be true to you


Here is another Guardian: Guardian of Nature


Family of Diva’s: Lesson 5 of Marieke Blokland

I enjoyed doing the faces, the background, making the dresses…


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January 2014 part 2

Third lesson on Lifebook 2014 was from Carla Sonheim. A few pictures:

A very fun lesson!


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January 2014

It’s been a while again since I’ve updated my progress!

Most progress was in the creative department… Below some pictures!

First exercise of Lifebook 2014: favorite colours, message to myself… Lesson by Tamara Laporte.


Main first lesson: Guardian Angel. Also by Tamara Laporte. Guardian Angel of Hope. (Coloured pencil)


Second lesson by Micki Wilde. ‘I want more in 2014’ and ‘Dreamjob’.


Inbetween I made another Guardian. This one represents ‘Dare’


I’ll make a part two for the next few photo’s!

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Little project

Since I’ve been following some mixed media people on the web, I had the crazy idea of making a book myself. (As in bookbinding!)

I forgot to take pictures of the beginning, but here are a few:

The process was:

  • Fabric used for curtains: Put gesso on it on both sides
  • Gell medium matte with book pages
  • Painting over it with acrylic paint
  • Using brayer with white acrylics
  • Adding doodles with Golden fluid acrylics
  • Went over it with transparent gesso…


Light Cover


But I was not into the whole white stuff… It seemed a little bit too cold for me!

So then I tried to colour it up with some blue and red:

Fail and fail 🙂

I had my hands in my hair, but then I totally found the solution for this problem:

Grungy cover

That’s more like it!

And with this result I am sooo pleased!
(used chalk pastel water soluble crayons with a slightly wet brush)

Afterwards, I sprayed the cover with fixative.

To be honest, I really enjoyed it! And I’m already busy with another book that is going to be my planner for the first half year of 2014… (More on that later!)


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Wonderful, yaye-news!

Hello people!

You probably have seen that I’m working more on creative projects and even showing some pictures of it. I’m exploring the world of mixed media, and there is just so so much that you can do!

Besides unlimited video’s on Youtube, I also have a ‘creativity crush’ on several mixed media artists. One of the first that I discovered was Tamara Laporte. Through her blog and video’s I got to know several other artists such as: Effy Wild, Jane Davenport, Micki Wilde… And the list goes on and on and on!! (more on that in a later post…)
Anyway, I also follow them anywhere I can and today this wonderful blogpost caught my eye!

And the some awesome, awesome news is….

Effy Wild is giving away THREE seats for Moonshine and Book Of Days 2014 !!!

Isn’t that amazing?!

As part of the challenge to win a spot you have to:

  • Share it on facebook (done)
  • Share it on twitter (done)
  • Share it on your blog (working on it!!)

I sure hope I have a chance to win this!!! It would be so amazing!

(Need to press publish, otherwise I can keep on going on about how I love opportunities like this and that it’s so generous and lovely,wonderful, and amazing, and so on and so on!

Talk to you later!

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