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July NaNoCamp Day 2

Gratitude One of the subjects, other than ‘Journey’, that was stuck in my head was Gratitude. For some people gratitude doesn’t come to mind a lot… I’ve been one of those. It was only in extreme circumstances that I said something like ‘Thank God’. (I’m not a religious person per se, but the ‘Thank God’ or ‘Oh my God’, those are two things I keep on saying when there is something special happening.) The thing is, it was mostly on ‘Thank God’-moments I felt grateful. Small positive occurrences didn’t seem to register at all! So I thought it would be … Lees verder…

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July NaNoCamp Day 1

Journey The first day of July has officially begun a few hours ago. I needed some refreshing hours in my bed before I could actually start though. And with the first day the NaNoWriMo camp has started. (The camp I told you about in a previous post.) This is a journey for me because a) I created this project to get to know myself better. b) This is being written in a language that I can speak and write, but it isn’t my native language. (Which is Dutch) And I know for a fact that the first days are going … Lees verder…

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New journey ahead!

Ok, I’m still working on some details, but I have planned a new journey for myself in the next NaNoWriMo Camp of July… About myself…  (A bit scary for me, I admit!) How I’m going to do it? Well that is a very good question! You will have noticed that suddenly I’ll write in English. It’s an international writing camp so, I decided to switch languages as well. Only problem will be that I might make some spelling or grammatical errors. I’ll watch out for them of course, but there might be a slip-up or two… maybe three… (I hope … Lees verder…

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