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Some revising

The next step, after you have finished your draft, is revising. (Very nice first sentence.) My blog post from last week, seems more like a draft. That is what I realize after a week of trying my Action-Plan. The ‘kamikaze’ analogy wasn’t far from the mark. I want to change too many patterns at once and that won’t help my cause. (Discouragement is one of the feelings that have been popping up frequently the past seven days.)So, I think it’s best for me to revise my draft-plan. Copy from last week with notes: Regular sleeping pattern and healthy food. (This … Lees verder…

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Back… and some stuff about me

Write a first sentence to get rid of the blank page fear. Yes, step one is completed. Phew. Feeling so much better now. (No, not really.) Ok, so I’m just going to type it here, like I’m thinking it. Or like it comes to me, that is probably better. And I realize that writing in English might cause some grammar and/or spelling mistakes, but if I don’t do anything, I can’t learn it, right? Ok, perhaps I should probably take a look at some books to be on the safe side. In fiction books I sometimes find those mistakes. Or … Lees verder…

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July NaNoCamp Day 2

Gratitude One of the subjects, other than ‘Journey’, that was stuck in my head was Gratitude. For some people gratitude doesn’t come to mind a lot… I’ve been one of those. It was only in extreme circumstances that I said something like ‘Thank God’. (I’m not a religious person per se, but the ‘Thank God’ or ‘Oh my God’, those are two things I keep on saying when there is something special happening.) The thing is, it was mostly on ‘Thank God’-moments I felt grateful. Small positive occurrences didn’t seem to register at all! So I thought it would be … Lees verder…

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July NaNoCamp Day 1

Journey The first day of July has officially begun a few hours ago. I needed some refreshing hours in my bed before I could actually start though. And with the first day the NaNoWriMo camp has started. (The camp I told you about in a previous post.) This is a journey for me because a) I created this project to get to know myself better. b) This is being written in a language that I can speak and write, but it isn’t my native language. (Which is Dutch) And I know for a fact that the first days are going … Lees verder…

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New journey ahead!

Ok, I’m still working on some details, but I have planned a new journey for myself in the next NaNoWriMo Camp of July… About myself…  (A bit scary for me, I admit!) How I’m going to do it? Well that is a very good question! You will have noticed that suddenly I’ll write in English. It’s an international writing camp so, I decided to switch languages as well. Only problem will be that I might make some spelling or grammatical errors. I’ll watch out for them of course, but there might be a slip-up or two… maybe three… (I hope … Lees verder…

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