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Doing some changes to my blog, so I can include more of my creativity Stay tuned!

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Ending a year and starting a new

First of all: Let me start by wishing you a very Happy New Year, filled with new possibilities, love, gratitude, happiness and everything else you want to experience in this brand new year. I decided to get the new wishes out-of-the-way first, before I start talking about the ‘old’ year. Which was about two weeks ago, funny how suddenly something seems old in a matter of days or weeks. For me 2015 was a year of hiding. It took me a while to figure that out. As I was reviewing the past year in my mind, I noticed a lot … Lees verder…

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Some revising

The next step, after you have finished your draft, is revising. (Very nice first sentence.) My blog post from last week, seems more like a draft. That is what I realize after a week of trying my Action-Plan. The ‘kamikaze’ analogy wasn’t far from the mark. I want to change too many patterns at once and that won’t help my cause. (Discouragement is one of the feelings that have been popping up frequently the past seven days.)So, I think it’s best for me to revise my draft-plan. Copy from last week with notes: Regular sleeping pattern and healthy food. (This … Lees verder…

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Back… and some stuff about me

Write a first sentence to get rid of the blank page fear. Yes, step one is completed. Phew. Feeling so much better now. (No, not really.) Ok, so I’m just going to type it here, like I’m thinking it. Or like it comes to me, that is probably better. And I realize that writing in English might cause some grammar and/or spelling mistakes, but if I don’t do anything, I can’t learn it, right? Ok, perhaps I should probably take a look at some books to be on the safe side. In fiction books I sometimes find those mistakes. Or … Lees verder…

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February 2014

This month was also challenging. Fourth lesson of Lifebook 2014 with Kelly Hoernig: Be true to you   Here is another Guardian: Guardian of Nature   Family of Diva’s: Lesson 5 of Marieke Blokland I enjoyed doing the faces, the background, making the dresses…  

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