1st of December 2021


I’m still reeling after I have read 4 books of the ‘Real Wolves Bite’-series.
First of all… I know myself… I shouldn’t have started the series without verifying if the series was complete… (It wasn’t!)
Second, I started reading and I got pulled in by sweet scents, whispers, a ghost of touch here and there…
And just when you think, yes, this is it…
You get scratched, bitten and ripped open while the fantasy universe is laughing at you.
It was very well written, and I got sucked into the world, but oh boy does the main character attract all sorts of things.
After reading the 4th book and the cliffhanger, I was stunned. (Eventhough I kinda felt it coming.)
It feels like hope just gets stripped away, every single time. And that hurts, just a little tiny bit.
So I gave the 1st book 5 stars… And the others received 4, just because my heart was still bleeding.

I have been thinking about doing something daily for december. And there are lots of challenges available, but none that really seem to call my name or feel right to me.
It started a whole other conversation in my head about feelings. And how I so like to avoid them. So maybe ‘Feeling’ will be my daily challenge for this month, as in describing what I’m actually feeling.
Which already started while reading the above mentioned series.
From hope, to fear, to hopelessness. And irritation and anger towards the main character to stand up more for herself. (Sometimes I just wanted to grab her and smack some sense into her.)

Getting in touch with my feelings is going to be extremely challenging for me. But I am going to try!

I hope you have a wonderful day/evening and I’ll see you tomorrow…

All my best,


PS: Daxon is mine!

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