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2nd of December 2021

  Isn’t it wonderful how books can open your eyes and mind to a whole new world? With the changing of the season, when temperatures are declining and sunlight seems so sparse, I have followed my urge to escape into some books. (Which you might have noticed from previous posts.) The urge comes and goes,...Read More

1st of December 2021

  I’m still reeling after I have read 4 books of the ‘Real Wolves Bite’-series. First of all… I know myself… I shouldn’t have started the series without verifying if the series was complete… (It wasn’t!) Second, I started reading and I got pulled in by sweet scents, whispers, a ghost of touch here and...Read More

Last weekend of November 2021

  Only 2 more days left in November and then it is the last month of the year! This weekend I actually managed to pull out some paints and coloring pencils and the result you can see here. Nothing too complicated: I used an HB graphite pencil, my Arteza Gouache and my Arteza Colored pencils....Read More